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Black Swedish Chicks $6.00 each

Healthy baby ducklings. Hatched April 26th. Eating, drinking, swimming and healthy. Sold as straight run.
These guys and gals will grow up to make great foragers and are excellent bug control.
75% Black Swedish/25% Rouen
The hens are excellent and consistent layers of approximately 150 eggs a year. I prefer their eggs to our chicken’s eggs. They reach their full weight, 6 to 8 pounds, at around six months old and are considered multipurpose birds.
Adult ducks are NOT for sale.

(Coming soon: More Black Swedish/Rouen mixes as well as some 100% Blue Swedish.)

All the 2021 kids have arrived. This page will be updated once we are through our waiting list. In the meantime, the 2021 kids can be seen here: for more information

Email us at to join our waiting list for 2021.

Additional pictures can be found on our Goat Kids page.