Goat Kids

Goat Kids Have Arrived!

All of the kids that are available for purchase are listed on our For Sale Page. Contact us if you are interested in any of our kiddos. All of our kids will be kept at the farm until fully weaned.

As you can see he has since made a full recovery.
(Excuse the camera shake, there were a few goatlings in my lap helping.)

All three of our does were bred on or around September 9th 2019 to our resident herd sire Moofassah (Bella Fattoria Moofassah). Contact email if you are interested in obtaining any of our kids or future kids.

All of our resident goats have great milk lines in their recent ancestry. Check out Our Goats page for lineage (clicking on large photos reveals ADGA Pedigree). We’ve included links to the farms where their sires and dams reside for your convenience. At this time we have no plans to show or participate in performance programs, but the dams, grandams of our dams and sire have and have placed well. We encourage you to take a peak at Our Goats page and follow the links to learn more.

  • Polled, blue eyes, moonspots all possible.
  • Kids are ADGA registerable.
  • Single kids will not be sold to anyone that doesn’t already have goats.
  • Non-polled kids will be disbudded.
  • All kids will be dam raised. We will NOT be selling any bottle babies unless the mom/kid situation warrants it. Therefore, kids will be ready to go between two to three months of age. (Between April 1 to May 1)
  • Males not purchased prior to three months will be wethered and papers will not be provided.
  • Tested CAE/CL/ Johnes negative January 2019.
    (Closed herd)