Kingsfold AM Mallow

Doe – DoB 03/22/2018
Disbudded – Mostly white Tri-colored with brown eyes
Wither height 18″
ADGA and AGS Registered

Dam – Sweet Garden FC Diantha 4*M | Sire – Terra Bella ST Alastor Moody *B
Paternal Grand-Sire | Old Mountain Farm Stalactite *B
Paternal Grand-Dam | AGS Bannerfield Farm Moody Blue 2*M, 1*D
Maternal Grand-Dam | Sweet Garden FC Diantha 4*M
Maternal Grand-Sire | Fairlea Frederic Chopin +*B

Fourth Parturition 03/24/2023 quads, 2D (blue eyes) | 2B (blue eyes)

Third Freshening 06/25/2022 twins, 1B (blue eyes) | 1B (brown eyes)

Second Freshening 04/05/2021 twins, 1D (blue eyes, disbudded | 1B (blue eyes, disbudded

First Freshening 2/12/2020 twins, 2D – Disbudded.