Wait List

  1. Sometimes we have a waiting list.
  2. We will make our best effort to match all, including pairing, requests.
  3. We will reach out immediately upon confirmation of health of animals to each name in the order that they requested be put on a wait list.
  4. We will give 48 hours to reply before reaching out to the next person on the list.
    • We will continue to update any persons who failed to reply until we hear back, or until all the kids for the year have been spoken for.
  5. Once a deposit has been made on a specific animal ONLY the purchaser may initiate a change.
  6. We DO NOT ship.

For more information, inquiries or to be added to a wait list, email: contact@durkinfamilyfarm.com

The below Policies Apply to Goat Sales Only

  1. We DO NOT sell bottle babies.
    • All of our kids are dam raised and weaned when ready.
    • All of our kids are handled daily.
    • We will not permit unhealthy babies/kids to leave the farm.
    • Available pick up dates are always dependent on being fully weaned from dam.
  2. We do not ship.
    • We will do our best to work with buyers and their individual needs for pickup or delivery.
  3. NO goat kids will be sold as single goats unless buyer can substantiate they are adding to an existing herd, or purchasing a goat companion from another farm.
    • Multiples do qualify for $25 off of each goat’s listed purchase price.
      (We don’t make you ask. We just do it.)
      ***Multiples discount is void when other discounts or specials are applied.
  4. A potentially non-refundable $100.00 (US Dollars) minimum deposit is required to hold each goat kid. (See 8 for forfeiture details) (See Buck, Wether, Horns or Disbudded for applicable exceptions)
    • Receipts will be provided.
  5. All outstanding balances are due upon pickup/delivery of goat kid(s).
  6. We are not responsible for goat’s health once it leaves our farm. We cannot be held to account for any injury or illness that occurs once a kid leaves the farm. (See 1 and 2 for additional details)
    • We encourage buyers to pick up their kids so they can witness the conditions their kid(s) lived in, and confirm their health prior to departing our farm.
    • We allow for and encourage arranging visits to the farm to pick out your kids and to get to know them.
  7. Animals must be picked up on the agreed upon date or purchaser risks forfeiture of deposit and final sale. (See 8 for forfeiture details)
    • Communicating and agreeing on a date change prior to a pick up date DOES NOT constitute grounds for forfeiture.
    • No call and no shows will be given a grace period of 72 hours.
      (We understand emergencies happen and are sometimes completely unavoidable.)
    • We put a LOT of time and energy into gradually teaching kids and dams to be separated, so when buyers don’t show it causes a lot of undue stress on the kids and dams. This puts a lot more work onto us as we attempt to lessen the stress and accommodate additional kids in a manner we had not planned.
  8. If for some reason the depositor decides not to complete the purchase of the goat(s) he/she understands that they forfeit the deposit pending the resale of the goat(s) in question, and that the seller’s lost revenue from the listed individual purchase price will be recovered by seller deducting the same from the depositor’s deposit prior to any remaining refund being returned to depositor.
    • We (the seller) will make our best good faith effort to sell goats at their listed individual purchase price.
  9. If for any reason the goat(s) in question become unexpectedly ill prior to pick up or delivery, or are otherwise undeliverable (due to unexpected death or injury), the buyer will have the choice of a full refund, or choice of any remaining available goats, or first pick of next year’s kids.

Health Record

  1. Health records will be documented on each kid and these records will be provided to buyers.
  2. Documentation will include:
    • Goat name/ID
    • Sire name
    • Dam name
    • DoB
    • Sex
    • Birth weight
    • Tattoo/s
    • Physical description
    • Vaccinations/Medications
    • Wormings if applicable
    • General Health notes such as disbudding or castration information
  3. A “Durkin Goat Care” guide will be provided to each buyer.
    • This guide is NOT the gospel of goat care. We want our buyers to know what the kids are used to so they have a jumping off point and can transitions the kids to their preferred methods in the healthiest manner possible.

Buck, Wether, Horns or Disbudded

  1. All registerable non-polled goat kids will be disbudded by a licensed veterinarian unless buyer requests horns.
    (Does not apply to our non-registerable goat kids whose parents are fully horned.)
    • Because in our area kids with horns are less desirable, the full purchase price may be requested for retaining horns on ADGA/AGS registerable kids.
    • We are not set up to accommodate fully horned Nigerian Dwarf goats should a buyer change his/her mind and we may have difficulty reselling them should a buyer decide not to complete a purchase.
  2. We do not typically reduce the price of a wethered male goat because we bring in a veterinarian to perform the procedure through surgical castration.
    (Email contact@durkinfamilyfarm.com to discuss FFA and 4-H exceptions.)
    • The procedure is performed as early as possible.
    • While many insist that this is the “cause” of death due to urinary calculi, all research we have done and our vet has also advised us that the development of the condition is directly related to diet (i.e. calcium:phosphorous ratio) and avoiding the condition is the best preventative.
    • Buyers with concerns are welcome to band or otherwise castrate goats when they have left our farm as bucklings.

Registered vs. Non-registered

  • All registerable goat kids are AGS and ADGA registerable and properly completed forms will be provided to make registering as easy as possible on buyers.
  • Kids will be tattooed accordingly.