July 02, 2020
Herd tested CAE, CL and Johnes negative

Our Little Pony
(Officially Kingsfold ML Pony)

Doe – DoB 03/22/2018
Disbudded – Black and white pinto with brown eyes
Wither height 20″
Dam – Kyeema Ridge Neon Sky 1*M
Sire – Lady Walkers Mercury’s Legend
ADGA and AGS Registered

Pony is our sweetest girl, always seeking out her humans.

Annie the Brave
(Officially Kingsfold ML Annie)

Doe – DoB 03/22/2018
Polled – Broken Buckskin with gold eyes
Wither height 20″
Dam – Kyeema Ridge Neon Sky 1*M
Sire – Lady Walkers Mercury’s Legend
ADGA and AGS Registered

Annie has a very curious nature and is afraid of nothing. She loves checking out new things.

Mallow our Loner
(Officially Kingsfold AM Mallow)

Doe – DoB 03/22/2018
Disbudded – Mostly white Tri-colored with brown eyes
Wither height 18″
Dam – Sweet Garden FC Diantha 4*M
Sire – Terra Bella ST Alastor Moody
(Link for Alastor is for his previous owner. His current owner can be found here.)
ADGA and AGS Registered

We often find Mallow off on her own munching away. While she sticks with the herd more than she used to, she’s not leaving something yummy until she’s ready.

Rehoboth Patsy

Doe – DoB 01/08/2020
Disbudded – Brown with white markings
Dam – Corny Goat Farm Mocha
Sire – ADGA Gillispie’s Nehemiah
ADGA and AGS Registered

The Retha

Doe – DoB 03/04/2020
Disbudded – Black and white with blue eyes
Dam – Peachy Cream Midnight
Sire – Peachy Cream Gorm
ADGA and AGS Registered

Herd Sire Moofassah
(Officially Bella Fattoria Moofassah)

Buck – DoB 02/25/2019
Disbudded – Chamoise with moon spots and blue eyes
Wither height 22″
Dam – Better Wayz Baby Bling LA Score VVVE 8
Sire – Waterloo Pond CR Rover
ADGA and AGS Registered

We need to get some updated photos of Moofassah, our resident ham. He’s as lovable as he is adorable, and eager doesn’t even begin to describe the hilarity this little one exhibits with everything he does.

Josey Wales (Formerly Ashe)

Wether – DoB 05/11/2018
Dam – Night Ninja (Alpine)
Sire – Waterloo Pond CR Rover

Josie Wales is a bit of a horned devil when he’s trying to get his way. He came to us as a companion for his little half-brother Moofassah. Can’t you see the family resemblance? Josie is a really sweet boy. He loves attention, food love, scratches and nuzzles with his humans.

Mary Ann (Formerly Ebony)

We don’t have much information on Mary Ann at this time. She is a mini alpine, like our wether Josey Wales. Him being horned and in with his little brother became an issue so, we wanted him to have his own companion. Off to a rough start, Mr. and Mrs are now great pals.


Wether – DoB 02/09/2020
Dam – Kingsfold ML Annie
Sire – Bella Fattoria Moofassah
Dickie came down with a mysterious fever when he was a few days old. We decided to have him wethered and to keep him. It turned out to be an abscess behind his one ear that was the root, and after a lot of determination and icky details he is doing spectacular and there’s no way we could part with this love-bug. He loves getting to stay with his mamma and clown around with his new friends.


Wether – DoB 6/18/20
Dam: HD and HD Eli Willow
Sire: Sunny Daze VI Iceman