Tetra Brown Pullets from TSC purchased March 09, 2018
Pullet is a young hen; specifically : a hen of the domestic chicken less than a year old.
Asia Black straight run from TSC purchased April 10, 2018
Straight runchicks are chicks that are not sexed before they’re sold.
Fed only organic Non-Medicated Starter Crumble.
They became great layers. They started laying at three months old.
This guy grew to almost two feet tall before heading to freezer camp.
The Asia Blacks are multipurpose birds, so whether you’re looking for eggs or dinner, they seem to be a good choice.
This is the average egg of the tetra browns. The Asia Black’s eggs are a bit smaller, but since they are multipurpose birds, it seems they would use the nutrition for making breakfast, and dinner.
Once off starter crumbles, our birds are switched to an organic chicken feed. They have never been medicated and have never been anything but healthy. I try to add a bit of diatomaceous earth, food grade every so often as a precautionary measure to their coop to keep their coop parasite free.